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Managing Sadness and Depression - Blog#20 - 7 July 2019

Clinical depression goes well beyond sadness and related feelings. It is best viewed as a syndrome with cognitive, behavioral, and physical, as well as emotional symptoms. To reduce depression, we often need to grieve, and replace or accept significant losses that led to our depression. But we also need to address behaviors and thought patterns that contribute to or maintain depression. Specifically, we need to counteract depressive withdrawal, and change negative thoughts about our self, the world (and people), and our future. And sometimes we need to muster the courage to address childhood issues that continue to dog us well into our adult years. If you get stuck in the blues, or experience more pronounced clinical depression, join us for this foray into perspectives on the alleviation of depression.

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Psychomechanics Has Arrived! - Blog#19 - 16 June 2019

For all subscribers to my blog, and all current clients at Turning Point, an e-copy of my newly published self-help book, Psychomechanics – Tools for Self-Regulation of Emotions, will be available FREE for 3 days: June 21-23. Thereafter, the e-book will be available for $5.99. The printed copy, due to printing costs, cannot be offered free, but is available for $12.99 through Amazon. Thanks to all of you for your encouragement down through the years, and thanks to my current and past clients, who have taught me as much as I’ve taught them.

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