Kaleidoscopic - The Harpa - Iceland - 2017

Kaleidoscopic - The Harpa - Iceland - 2017

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I was just short of two digits when I received my first camera, from my parents, an ancient Kodak model. Friends always commented on my “eye” for photography, but I didn’t break out until I got my first digital camera a decade ago. Freed from the cost of developing all of my film, and aided by immediate feedback followed by digital processing, my photography exploded. Challenging conventional perception, I played with angles, developed my Aha! sneak attacks, distorted everything in sight via reflections, and zeroed in with my macro lens.

Two years later, I received the best prize of my life: Best of Show in the 17th Annual Southeast Regional Juried Fine Arts Show, for a body of work encompassing the three photographs below. In the pages that follow, I share the various facets and philosophies of my photography, each liberally illustrated. If your curiosity is stimulated, you can check out my two photo journals by clicking “Books,” or explore my full library of photos at Thanks for playing.


17th Annual Southeast Regional Juired Fine Arts Exhibition 2009

Best-In-Show for a Body of Work

Award Winners

Wired Dragon - 2008 Camiliaruption - 2009 Cezanne’s Garden - 2008


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The Photo Journals

?AHA! A Photographic Journey

with Ed Chandler


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Iceland Exposed: A Ring Around the Island

by Ed Chandler with D’Lane Miller


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Recent Photography Awards

-May 2009: 17th Annual Southeast Regional Juried Fine Arts Exhibition, Mattie Kelly Center at Northwest Florida State College. Multimedia. Best Of Show for a Body of Work, for 3 photos: “Cezanne’s Garden,” “Cameliaruption,” and “Wired Dragon.”

-July 2009: ADSO 10th Annual Photography Show (Ft. Walton Beach, FL).  1st Place in Color Photography for “Graceful Aging.”

-June 2010: Artel “Get Moving” Juried Exhibit (Pensacola, FL). Multimedia. 2nd Place for “Holy Veil.” Juror Vivian Spencer: “Ed Chandler took me completely by surprise. From a distance I believed I was viewing a painting.  Upon closer inspection I recognized the telltale signs of color photography.  This piece transcends assumptions about the medium and transports the view beyond the obvious to a realm of sheer obvious delight.” 

-July 2010: Florida Psychological Association Annual Convention Photo Contest (St. Petersburg, FL). Animals Category: 1st Place for “Head Over Heels,” 2nd Place for “Wired Dragon;” People Category: 1st Place for “Shady Character;” Places Category: 2nd Place for “Wet Paint.”

-August 2010: ADSO 11th Annual Photography and Digital Arts Exhibition (Ft. Walton Beach, FL). Best in Show for “Bridgequake.”

-October 2010:  27th Northwest Florida Fair Fine Arts Show. Multimedia. ADSO Award (2nd Place) for “Holy Veil.”

-February 2011:  52nd Annual ADSO Beaux Arts Exhibition (Ft. Walton Beach, FL). Multimedia. Ist Place for “Front Row Seat.”

-July 2011: Wide Angle Photo Club Power Of Photography Show (Pensacola, FL).  1st Place in Travel & Places Category for “Dawn Of The Incas.”

-November 2011: Northwest Florida Arts Association In Your Dreams Show (Ft. Walton Beach, FL). Multimedia. 2nd Place for “Trance #9.”

-August 2012: ADSO 13th Annual Photography and Digital Arts Exhibition (Ft. Walton Beach, FL). 1st Place in People for “Fiddle About.”

-July 2013: Wide Angle Photo Club Power of Photography Show (Pensacola, FL). Po10tial Award (from Po10tial Magazine) for “Footprint.”

-August 2014: ADSO 15th Annual Photography & Digital Arts Exhibition (Ft. Walton Beach, FL). 1st  Place in Still Life & Objects for “Lightheaded.”

-September 2017: NW Florida Tri-County Fair Fine Arts Show (Ft. Walton Beach, FL). 1st Place for “Kaleidoscopic.”


7 Pictures, 7 Stories

Sandhandle Worshops - August 12, 2011

Recorded August 12, 2011 "7 Pictures, 7 Stories - Seven Photographers" A special event hosted by Don Jordan, Founder of Sandhandle Workshops, showcasing seven extraordinarily talented photographers from the Northwest Florida area. Pt 6 features award-winning photographer Ed Chandler. You can view more of his work at:


Presented by: SandBlast!

The Photos Discussed in 7 Pictures, 7 Stories

Live In Concert! - 2008

Live In Concert! - 2008

Camiliaruption - 2009

Camiliaruption - 2009

Trance #9 - 2011

Trance #9 - 2011

Silver Nitrate Cubed - 2009

Silver Nitrate Cubed - 2009

Dawn Of The Incas - 2008

Dawn Of The Incas - 2008

Geaux Tigers - 2009

Geaux Tigers - 2009

Streaming Leaf - 2009

Streaming Leaf - 2009


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