Anthropocentrism, or man-centeredness,


           … can be defined as a perspective that elevates mankind as the most important and central entity in the universe, and views the well being of humanity as paramount. It can be viewed as a hidden prejudice that values humans over all other life forms, and justifies our exploitation of the environment. There is a cozy relationship between theism and anthropocentrism because God was created, in part, to validate the narcissistic pride of mankind. Like other forms of prejudice, anthropocentrism values the ingroup (humanity in this case) and devalues the outgroup (animals and the rest of the environment), thereby justifying use and abuse of the “other.” It divorces us from our animal roots, reinforcing the hierarchy of God, man, animals, and plants.

            If you find these concepts compelling or interesting, you can pursue them further in Chapter 4 of Beyond Atheism, entitled Anthropocentrism: Prejudice Hiding in Plain Sight. Alternatively, my master’s thesis at Marquette University, and my dissertation at LSU are available, as are a pair of shorter journal articles published with the help of my major professor at LSU, the esteemed Ralph Dreger, Ph.D.:

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